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These new kids' picture books in rhyme, full of imagination and humor, are great fun. Kids listen, read, rhyme and learn with glee.

Kids who usually don't sit and listen are totally captivated by these rhyming picture books.

They listen with rapt attention and beg to hear these picture books over and over and over again.

Provide entertaining and effective ways to help children Develop Language, Auditory, Memory and Thinking Skills.

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Riggeldy Jiggeldy Joggeldy Jam

This new picture book in rhythm and rhyme for young children is filled with humorous riddles about animals. Rhymed verses that tap into children's knowledge of familiar animal friends.



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Chairs are to Sit

A picture book with delightful rhymes and wonderfully humorous illustrations that spark children's imagination. The action oriented rhythmic patterns about children's everyday lives are fun and invite looking, listening, and learning while expanding language development. Children beg to hear them over and over again.



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Blocks are to Build

This is a companion picture book in rhythm and rhyme about many things and experiences in a young child's life. The charming rhythmic patterns are great fun, all the while enhancing auditory and language skills along with concept formation. The 3 dimensional illustrations by Joyce Behr make it a favorite with kids and adults.